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What are Modular Home Loans?

If you’re captivated by modular homes’ energy efficiency, modern design, and customization possibilities, then you already know that a traditional mortgage will only partially meet your needs. That’s why we specialize in modular home financing, offering loans that navigate the complexities of financing a modular home on owned land or without. Our modular home loan options are crafted to consider the unique factors of construction, design, and delivery, ensuring you don’t just secure a house but invest in a lifestyle that suits your vision. When you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, our modular home mortgage solutions can be the key to a property that’s uniquely yours. With a mortgage for a modular home, you’re not just buying but building a future that fits you perfectly.

Modular Home Financing

Did you know that modular home loans can be as attainable as traditional construction loans? With options like a down payment as low as 5% and a choice between fixed or adjustable interest rates, you have the flexibility to shape the loan to fit your needs. These favorable terms could be your gateway to owning the modular home you've always dreamed of!

Modular Home Loan Options

Whether you aim to buy, refinance, or renovate a modular home, our modular home loans have covered you. These loans can finance the entire cost, including the land, and often come with lower down payment requirements. Such flexibility can pave the way for first-time homebuyers, helping them take confident steps toward homeownership. It's all about turning your housing dreams into reality!

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Building Your Dream Modular Home

Are you ready to embrace a sustainable future? Modular homes, backed by our flexible modular home loans, provide a smart, affordable, and eco-friendly choice for those aiming to minimize their carbon footprint. Built with energy-efficient features and guided by sustainable practices, modular homes offer comfort and a conscious way of living. With the support of flexible financing options, crafting your dream modular home means something other than compromising on your commitment to the planet. Modular home loans can be the key to unlocking your sustainable future. Start building with a modular home today. It's an investment in comfort, affordability, and a greener world!

Build Smarter and Greener with Climate-Controlled Modular Construction: Sustainable, Efficient, and Beautiful Homes!

Are you looking for an innovative and eco-friendly path to your dream home? With the support of modular home loans, modular homes offer a quality, energy-efficient alternative to traditional building methods while benefitting from faster build times, reduced waste, and peace of mind from a reduced environmental impact. A modular home doesn't mean sacrificing style or comfort; it's a chance to build a sustainable home to your unique needs. Thanks to the flexibility of modular home loans, this greener future is more accessible than ever. Take the leap today and build smarter with climate-controlled modular construction!

Types of Modular Home Loans

Modular homes offer a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional housing, but their unique features require specialized financing. That’s why we focus on providing a range of modular home loans specifically designed for this innovative housing market. From modular home mortgages to construction to permanent loans, our offerings are tailored to meet the nuanced needs of buyers. Partner with us to unlock the best financing options and easily navigate your path to homeownership.
Construction-to-Permanent Loan
Qualified borrowers seeking to build their dream modular home can use a modular home construction to a permanent loan program that offers up to 95% LTV, financing based on the factory's draw schedule, and up to 50% of the factory cost upfront as a deposit. The program also includes money for the land, providing a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to meet specific needs.
Modular Home Financing
The Mortgage Lending company treats modular homes like on-site stick-built homes, providing access to various financing options, including agency and portfolio programs, to meet specific needs. The team is dedicated to helping borrowers secure the financing they need to achieve their homeownership goals, whether building a modular or stick-built home.
Long Term Lock
The long-term rate lock program for modular homes provides rate protection for up to 12 months, allowing borrowers to lock in today's low rates even if they don't plan to close on their loan for several months. The program also includes a one-time, no-cost float down and product conversion, providing flexibility to take advantage of even lower rates that may become available during the modular home building process.
Modular Home Renovation Loan
For those seeking to minimize construction time and disruption when renovating or adding an addition to their modular home, the modular home renovation and addition program provide financing options to cover the cost of repairs, renovations, and upgrades. The program ensures that the modular home remains in top condition and meets evolving needs, unlocking its full potential without the hassle of extended construction timelines.
Swing Loan
For those seeking to avoid unexpected delays in their home-buying plans, a swing loan provides a flexible solution to secure the down payment needed to purchase their dream home. The swing loan program offers confidence and peace of mind, ensuring that borrowers can move forward with their homeownership goals even when things don't go according to plan.

Build Your Modular Home with Confidence

Navigating the modular home market requires a strong financial strategy, and that’s why we specialize in modular home financing options. As experienced modular home mortgage lenders, we understand the importance of connecting you with reputable builders and tailoring the right modular home loan for your needs. Being prepared with knowledge about modular home financing sets you apart as a qualified buyer, positioning you for competitive pricing and an expedited project timeline. We simplify the mortgage for modular homes and construction loan processes, offering an array of modular construction loans to suit your needs. Leverage our strong network of modular home lenders to embark on your homeownership journey with confidence.

Benefits of Modular Home Loans

Financing a modular home combines affordability with customization and energy efficiency. The quick construction timelines and a wide array of design options make modular homes an increasingly popular choice. Our flexible modular home loans are designed to support this trend, providing you with the financial resources you need to become a homeowner. Here are some key benefits of modular homes.
Lower Cost

Modular homes offer an affordable and stylish alternative to traditional stick-built homes, with efficient construction and lower labor costs. Built with precision and quality control, modular homes can be customized to meet your specifications, making them a smart choice for those looking to build their dream home.


Modular homes can be customized to fit the needs and preferences of the homeowner. This includes everything from the floor plan to the finishes and fixtures.

Energy Efficient

Modular homes are built to be energy efficient, which can result in lower utility bills for the homeowner. They are made with high-quality insulation and energy-efficient windows and doors.

Quick Construction

Modular homes can be built in a matter of weeks rather than months. Most construction is done in a factory setting, allowing for a more efficient and streamlined structure.

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